Rock Work Doesn’t Take a Break

My husband and I took a little break and went up to Manitoulin Island last week. The mouse painting didn’t take a break and I was still painting, but more importantly I had the chance to acquire some more stones.


painting break







Painting the little critters wherever I can.


GoPro Video by Doug Lomas

Here is a video of me rock collecting.  I seem pretty fussy. There were actually lots of mosquitoes but I pretended not to notice. After a bit the mosquitoes became more aggressive, so my search for perfect rocks became more of a scramble, grab and run!



manitoulin june 15 287

These three guys decided to stay on the island in Gore Bay. The folks at CYC Charters thought mice were nice…


Manitoulin Island and the surrounding area is beautiful. This beauty and environment is an inspiration for much of the landscape art I create.


03 Turnbull IslandTurnbull Island   Lithograph Print



north channel coastNorth Channel Coast  Charcoal on Canvas


north channel poolNorth Channel Pool  Charcoal on Canvas



JoanneLomas Sunset at CrokerCroker at Sunset  Encaustic



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