My Reflections

Although it seems lately that all I do is paint on rocks, I also paint on canvas. One theme that I continually work on through my paintings is reflection. In the “Reflection Series” the compositions usually involve my own figure contorted in a reflected surface. I work from my own digital images which represent banal moments perhaps where one can discover their own inner thoughts. My camera is visible in the image referencing today’s cultural need to capture every moment digitally, at the possible cost of missing out on the very experience. I have posted a few of these paintings.

2013-02-23 15.28.18 Winch View 2013

DSCN6865Dome View 2012

2013-02-23 15.56.16 Faucet View 2013

Entry1,Lomas,ReflectioninPotLid,2014,Oil,61x40 Pot Lid View 2014

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