Mice are Nice



I think they are very cute, yet I don’t think I could ever hold one (except for the stone ones) and I don’t particularly like to see them skittering around on a floor near me. Growing up we are told stories of how wonderful and helpful these little creatures can be.  Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales are full of the little critters.


With the theme of Mice are Nice?, I will explore and examine examples of mice in literature and entertainment, and how they can be portrayed as nice, or maybe not so nice.  Perhaps you have some examples to share?


  • Tammy says:

    I think mice are rather nice.
    Their tails are long, their faces small,
    They haven’t any chins at all.
    Their ears are pink, their teeth are white,
    They run about the house at night.
    They nibble things they shouldn’t touch,
    And no one seems to like them much,
    But I think mice are nice.
    Rose Fyleman

    One of my favorite poems. 🙂

  • Bernadette Wells says:

    I love the paradoxes here!

    Individually, a mouse appears sweet and benign. There is a classic children’s poem, “Mice are Nice” by Rose Flyleman that I used to use with Kindergarten classes many years ago.
    See http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Rose_Fyleman

    But there is something sinister (creepy even!) about many mice together in a crowd.

    • joanne says:

      Thanks Bernadette. Maybe you are right, that many mice produce unsettling emotions. Since starting this blog however, I have met a few people who find even one mouse quite upsetting!