Getting Ready to Set Up the Show!

Well, tomorrow is the gallery set up day!


Last of the mice are being sprayed, bellies first of course. This was always a challenging task, as it would be done outside, when there was no sun. 

 spraying rocks

Some are already at the door…so eager!



Here is a little kitchen counter being put together, so the little critters can grab a snack. This counter is actually a piece from my forth semester in Georgian College. The counter was filled with cookie jars, which played haunting and disturbing noises.

 mouse in house kitchencookie jar


There is some art to be put up. This is encaustic on wood. I was experimenting with encaustic transfer of images.

 mouse in house art

A time keeper, so the mice know when to get up and start their night.



….and did I mention a cat?



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