Douglas Coupland and Objects


The last time Max Lupo and I talked about the upcoming Mouse in House show, Max introduced me to the most exciting Canadian artist and author Douglas Coupland. Coupland’s show Everywhere is Anywhere is Anything is Everything, which due to its large size ran concurrently in Toronto at mocca (Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art) and the Royal Ontario Museum.  Regrettably, I did miss this show and would love to have seen it.

According to Chris Hampton in Toronto Life Coupland used found objects. Objects like Lego, and collected plastic toys and large numbers of these items were used to create the installations. Looking at his show there is a similarity to my installation in that I am also using objects, and many of them to express my interpretations. As I think back I also realized I too have used Lego. In celebration of the newly built CN Tower in 1976 I created with my Lego a large replica which was placed in my school library, of the modern engineering feat. Could this be considered my first show of objects?



In a The article by Murray Whyte, Coupland is quoted. “If there’s an impulse, give in to it,”  “Whether it’s to make or compile or collect or even hoard something, it comes from way deep inside. And you’re going to learn something about yourself you never would have realized if you didn’t follow those instincts through. It’s nice to have that pointed out, I think.” I must agree completely with his sentiments for even in the beginning stages of this experience I have become aware of so much. My need to create a multitude of painted rocks, my views on discipline, values and what I can actually accomplish when tested.


Here is a link to an online version of his show from The Vancouver


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  • Sue Street says:

    Hi Jo.

    You’ve done a great job on your blog. I like to read your reflections on the wide range of inspirations and thought provoking connections that you have made in the past few years.

    All that from a ‘mischief of mice’. Who would have thought???? Sue