Vending Art

Art in House was recently the venue for “Tales from Tuscany”, a show of pottery by Wendy Hutchinson. It was such beautiful work, inspired by her recent trip to Italy. I fell in love with every piece and purchased one little awesome cup, which I now use several times a day. I am attached to its uniqueness and knowledge that someone created it for this very reason.

This cup reminded me of a very interesting read from the online website Contented, The article was written by Natalie Koh and is about Hans Chew who is an artist and student of School of the Arts in Singapore. Chew has produced a vending machine which dispenses ceramic pieces, over 300, all of which he created by hand. Koh described Chew’s perspective, process and hurdles he overcame to actualize this critical piece. In this clever vending machine not only are the wares for sale, but the prices are varying for similar pieces, putting into question views on craft and its value. A must read!

DSCN6885 My little treasure.

More information about Wendy Hutchinson and her pottery can be found at these two links:

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